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Date: Thu 27 May 2004
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: We must stand with Israel in its struggle against the enemies of Democracy.

Dear Sir:

America and Israel are fighting the same enemy: a radical and fascist
Islam bent on world conquest and the destruction of the democratic way of

Ruth Matar founder of Women for Israel’s Tomorrow wrote the following in
a recent newspaper article: “The hooded men who displayed the head of an
Israeli soldier and those who decapitated Nick Berg are part of the same
global jihad. One wants an Islamic dictatorship in Iraq the other wants
the same thing in place of Israel.

We must come to grips with the fact that our enemies are engaged in a
world war against the entire non-Muslim world. We must understand the
depths of their hatred. We Israelis Americans Jews and Christians
worldwide constitute the front line in the war wherever we are… It is
our free democratic way of life our very existence that provokes our

I urge you to stand fast in the war against Islamic fascism. In America we
are warned against additional attacks on the “home front.” We must
continue to take the battle to the enemy and promote democracy throughout
the world.

We must stand by Israel in its war against the Arabs. Arafat Hamas and
Hezbollah are the Islamic fascists fighting against our ally. They are
carrying the battle to Europe and America. We must stop them in the Middle
East. We must stand by Israel in its war to protect democracy.

The measure of our society will be how we stand with the people of Israel
in their struggle against evil.

Respectfully yours

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