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Date: Thu 3 Jun 2004
Subject: Support Israel not brazen PLO terror! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On June 2 the Palestinian Authority brazenly insisted on their right to
send the American tax dollars they receive from your administration to
terrorist organizations like Hamas. In response I think you should
boldly insist on ending all U.S. funding of the Palestinian
Authority--currently over half a billion dollars each year--because
funding Islamist terrorism after 9/11 is not in America's best security

The Jerusalem Post reported this recent official public Palestinian
embrace of terrorism on the day it happened on June 2 in the following
words: "The Palestinian Legislative Council has rejected a US-sponsored
demand that Palestinian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) refrain from
transferring funds to individuals or groups that engage in terrorism."

Please Mr. President insist on your right not to fund Islamic terror with
American tax dollars. Because particularly after 9/11 many Americans
citizens will insist on their right to withhold their votes from
candidates who continue to fill the coffers of brazen Palestinian
Authority terrorists.





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