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Date: Thu 10 Jun 2004
Subject: VIPAC: Support Israel: We Cannot Support an Arab State That Excludes Jews and Christians

Dear Sir:

A recent ad by the American Jewish Committee in the New York Times stated:
“How can there peace in the Middle East when anti-Semitism is so
widespread? When Hitler’s Mein Kampf is printed and sold in several Arab
countries. When the anti-Semitic forgery Protocols of the Elders of Zion
is serialized on television. When TV programs and books present the blood
libel – the medieval canard that caused so much bloodshed against the
Jews. When the chief cleric of the Grand Mosque in Mecca Islam’s holiest
shrine describes Jews as ‘the killers of prophets and grandsons of
monkeys and pigs’ in his weekly sermons. Peace in the Middle East is a
strategic necessity for all people in the region but it cannot be built
on the toxic language of bigotry and incitement.”

An attempt to establish a democratic Arab state next to Israel without
permitting Jews to live within its boundaries is a farce. In a democracy
of all peoples have the right to live in peace and with
self-determination. To allow the Arabs to set up a state exclusive of Jews
is hypocrisy. The Christians Druze Bahais and others will be excluded

Jordan has been Judenrien since its establishment. In the last fifty years
Syria Egypt and Lebanon have persecuted their Jewish minorities to
virtual extinction. Our country and the entire Western World cannot accept
and must not allow the establishment of any state that excludes and
persecutes minorities.

It is interesting and tragic to note that the once Christian majority in
Bethlehem and other Arab settlements in Judea and Samaria on the west bank
of Jordan River is leaving the area at a rapid pace due to persecution by
the Moslems.

The reality is that the Arabs will never accept Jews and our democratic
country cannot and must not allow the establishment of such an evil state.
I urge you to oppose Israel’s abandonment of Gaza and the resettlement of
its Jewish population. We cannot allow Gaza to be Judenrien.

Respectfully yours

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