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Date: Thu 17 Jun 2004
Subject: Support Israel's fence around Ariel! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On June 15 Richard Boucher speaking on behalf of your State Department
condemned Israel's security fence around Ariel.

Mr. Boucher made his comments in the White House which is surrounded by a
very substantial security fence. The White House has not been
successfully attacked since the War of 1812 yet it insists on maintaining
extensive security barriers along its perimeter. Israel on the other
hand is facing monstrous attacks from their murderous Arab neighbors
every day. That is why I found it unseemly that your spokesmen hiding
behind their own defensive barriers have the nerve to condemn Israel for
building security barriers to protect their endangered citizens in Ariel.

Israel is on the front lines in the war against Islamic terror that
threatens all freedom loving people including Americans as we found out
on 9/11. Standing by Israel as it strengthens its defenses against
Islamic terror is America's best strategy for enhancing its own security.
Selling out Israel by demanding that Jewish communities remain defenseless
against the teenage Arab suicide bombers and their teenage Arab recruiters
who are discovered nearly every week weakens American security.

Please support Israel's security barrier around Ariel. That way the
Americans who best understand the dangers posed by international Islamic
terror can fully support you.





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