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Date: Wed 30 Jun 2004
Subject: Support Israel not PLO nursery bombers! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On Monday June 28 PLO terrorists in Gaza fired a missile at a nursery
school in Sderot Israel. They succeeded in killing a four year old
student at the Lelach Nursery School seriously injuring his mother and
killing a grandfather who was who was bringing his grandchild to the same
school. The little boy's name was Afik Zahavi and the grandfather's
name was Mordechai Yosefov.

Four year old Afik Zahavi and the grandfather Mordechai Yosefov were not
"collateral damage" from attack on a military target. On the contrary
they and the nursery school were the TARGETS of the PLO missiles.
Indeed Ha'aretz on June 28 reported that Gazans celebrated the success
of the rockets launched from their neighborhoods in the following manner:
"Cheering crowds of tens of thousands of Palestinians filled the streets
of Gaza City in celebration. Gunmen fired in the air and youths set off
pipe-bombs. "God pleased our hearts. An eye for an eye" they chanted.

Evidently Gaza Palestinians are capable of celebrating the murder of
Israelis with the same ghoulish abandon with which they publicly
celebrated the thousands of American deaths on 9/11.

Please stop sending the PLO over 200 million dollars in U.S. tax dollars
each year and please stop encouraging Israel to withdraw from Gaza.
Instead ask Prime Minister Sharon to impose martial law on Gaza with
strict curfews and intense patrols so the terrorist infrastructure there
can be eliminated. That way the PLO's missile development program will
stop threatening Israel and be prevented from ever threatening America.





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