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Date: Thu 8 Jul 2004
Subject:Support Israel: Support Israel's Barrier Against Arab Terror

Dear Mr. President:

This week the International Court of Justice in The Hague is expected to
rule against Israel’s security barrier. The barrier a fence that
separates Israel’s Jews from the Arabs on the West Bank has helped to
bring some calm to the area. In the past three months there have been no
major terrorist attacks in Israel.

There are fences in Europe and America to keep illegal immigrants out of
the respective areas. There is genocide against Blacks occurring in Sudan.
Iran is exporting revolution to Iraq and other countries in the Middle
East. Syria has a long history of harboring terrorists and is a suspected
repository for Iraqi and its own weapons of mass destruction. To these
crises the World is silent. Against a fence aimed at keeping murderers
away from Israeli civilians the World is vigilant.

The issue is the World’s pandering to an Arab world that refuses to
recognize Israel and the right of Jews to live in peace in the Middle
East. In the July 7 2004 edition of The New York Sun George L. Anesi
wrote to the Editor: “The 1947 U.N. Partition Plan laid out the boundaries
of two states – one Palestinian Arab and one Jewish. The Jews accepted the
pan; the Palestinians rejected it.

In its acceptance Israel recognized the state of Palestine. To date the
majority of Palestinians (not just Hamas etc.) have still not recognized
Israel. And that is why there is no peace.”

It is time for the World to move its focus from what Israel does to
protect its citizens to what the Arabs Palestinian Arabs and others do
to rape maim and murder innocent people throughout the world. There are
victims of Arab terror in Israel in the Sudan In America and throughout
the world. It is time to stand up to the Arabs and say STOP.

I urge you to continue your support for Israel’s barrier against terror.

Respectfully yours

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