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Date: Tue 13 Jul 2004
Subject: Support Israel's-& U.S. Court's-fight against PLO terror! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

You continue to fund the PA and PLO at an annual rate exceeding 200
million dollars each year out of the federal budget. How can you continue
to do so when our own court system has ruled that the PA and PLO are
terrorist organizations that must pay for their crimes?

In a July 12 decision District Court Judge Ronald Lagueux of Rhode Island
upheld the findings of Magistrate David Martin issued March 31 that the
PA and PLO provided a safe haven and operational base for Hamas to carry
out the shooting death of Yaron Ungar an American living in the West
Bank and his Israeli wife Efrat Ungar. The Ungars were murdered near Beit
Shemesh on June 9 1996 while driving home from a wedding. They were
survived by two young sons Dvir and Yishai.

Federal Judge Lagueux ordered the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine
Liberation Organization to pay $116 million to Ungar's family under the
Anti-Terrorism Act of 1991 which allows American victims of terrorist
attacks overseas to seek damages in US courts.

While the Federal Court imposes fines on the PLO and PA for their
terrorist crimes your administration continues to provide them the funds
to pay those fines. Why Mr. President? Why not show real leadership on
this issue and end all US funding of the PLO and PA today and then
challenge Senator Kerry to explain why he did not propose this first?





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