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Date: Thu 22 Jul 2004
Subject:Support Israel: Stop Sending US Dollars to Promote Arab Hate

Dear Sir:

Arab educators in the West Bank and Gaza have continued to publish
textbooks that deny Israelís right to exist and claim that the only
solution to the conflict with the Jews is violence. A report by the
Israeli governmentís coordinator of activities in the territories says
that the texts teach pupils that the Palestine Authority is a temporary
solution to the eventual unification of Palestine under Arab rule. These
texts portray Jews and Judaism in a negative manner and martyrdom is
depicted as a positive national trend.

The Palestine Arab Authority with the monetary support of the European
Union Saudi Arabia Iran other Moslem countries and our US tax dollars
prints these texts and teaches hate toward Israel and the Jews.

I urge you to stop funding Arab hate. This is the same hate that spurred
the attacks of September 11th 2001. Your acquiescence to this support of
the Palestine Arab Authority and the terror and hate it espouses is
detrimental to our countryís national interest.

In this election year I urge you to stand up and put an end to our
countryís support of the Arab terror regime in the West Bank and Gaza.

Respectfully yours

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