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Date: Thu 29 Jul 2004
Subject: Support Israel & Dare Kerry to Support End of PLO! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On July 22 The Jerusalem Post reported the following: "Leading German
politicians are calling on the European Union to freeze its aid to the
Palestinian Authority amid reports that PA chairman Yasser Arafat made
multi-million-dollar transfers to a personal bank account abroad. The
allegations substantiated by documents were made this week by German
public broadcaster ARD which reported that Arafat had wired some $5.1
million to his personal account at the Arab Bank in Cairo in September

Mr. President your administration pays over 200 million dollars to
Arafat's PLO each year out of the Federal budget. If even EU politicians
admit the folly of such financial aid why must you persist in this error?
Why not end all U.S. funding of the PLO right now and dare Senator Kerry
to face down the left wing of his party and support you on ending U.S.
funds for PLO terror?





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