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Date: Thu 5 Aug 2004
Subject: Support Israel and America: Islamic Fundamentalists Are a Common Enemy

Dear Sir:

A few days ago the Hamas terrorist group declared that its operatives were
behind the murder of two patients in a Gaza Hospital. The murder victims
had been jailed by the Palestine Arab Administration for allegedly
supplying information to the Israeli police that implicated specific Arab
individuals in the murder of Jewish civilians during the mid-90's the
period of when Palestinian Arabs were supposedly following the "Oslo"

I was astonished to read the headline introducing the news article about
the murders in one of the New York City newspapers which I am
paraphrasing: Arabs who saved Jewish lives are murdered in Gaza hospital.

The victims were accused of assisting Israel in the capture of murderers
during a period when the Arabs were at “peace” with the Jews. It seems
that even when the Arabs are at “peace” with the Jews they are allowed to
murder them.

After the tragedy of 9/11 America must have a clear understanding of who
the enemy is. Islamic fundamentalists are determined to conquer the world.
They started by making the Arab war against Israel their war. They are now
bringing this war to America and the rest of the World. We must lead the
battle to rid the world of Islamic fundamentalism whether it is
represented by Al-Queida the Saudi Wahabis the Palestinian Arab Hamas or
any of the scores of other groups that foment war.

I urge you to support Israel. There can be no peace with an enemy that
supports the Islamic fundamentalist movement. Israel is waiting for a
partner to make peace with and so is America.

Respectfully yours

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