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Date: Thu 19 Aug 2004
Subject:Support Israel: In America it=92s called a bias crime in Arabia you are a hero!!

Dear Sir:

In the beginning of August an Israeli citizen - an Arab from the Galilee –
was arrested on charges that he planned at least two major terror attacks
against Jews: one in the Caffit Cafe in Jerusalem and the other in the
Rafael Armaments Development Authority in northern Israel. The accused
terrorist Daher Ali - a 31-year-old math teacher in a Jerusalem-area
school – reportedly confessed to all the charges against him. "I am proud
to identify with and contribute to Hamas" he said "as I believe that
this is a war of Islam against Judaism." He also said that his goal was to
kill as many Jews as possible.

In America this would be classified as more than a murder it would be
called a bias crime. But the Arabs condone and thrive on these crimes.
Kill Jews! Kill Christians!! Their goal is not to be part of a productive
democracy but to “kill as many Jews as possible.”

To the Arabs bias against the Jews is a current event. In the Western
World it is something that most people try to hide.

In Germany at the trial of a Moroccan accused of aiding Mohamed Atta and
the other 9/11 murderers a witness stated that the hijackers felt “that
the foundation of Israel was unjustified and the Palestinian conflict was
always a topic for Atta.”

In the Olympics Israel's Judo champ Ehud (Udi) Vaks won a round when his
first-round opponent an Iranian Moslem world Judo champion disqualified
himself by weighing in above the limit for the weight class. The Iranian
Arash Mir-Esmaili told Iran's news agency that he declined to face an
Israeli opponent: "Although I have trained for months and now enjoy an
in-form build I refused to face my Israeli rival in sympathy with the
oppressed Palestinian people. I am not upset for the decision I have

Iranian sports officials said that Mir-Esmaili should still receive the
one billion rial ($115000) prize that he "most likely" would have won.
Iran's Olympic Committee had promised the prize to Iranian Olympic medal

The hate for Israel and America is so great that the Iranian Judo champion
is willing to give up an Olympic dream and the Arab people in Israel and
the territories would rather destroy a generation of their children than
live in peace with the Jews of Israel.

There can be no peace with an enemy that refuses to coexist with America
and Israel – whether on the field of sports the streets of Jerusalem or
the towers of Manhattan.

Respectfully yours

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