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Date: Thu 26 Aug 2004
Subject: Support Israel not PLO criminals! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

There is no significant domestic support for your administration's
continued funding of the PLO with over 200 million US tax dollars each
year. The vast majority of Americans will never forget when the
Palestinians danced in their streets on September 11 2001 to express
their joy over the three thousand Americans murdered by their Islamist
brethren. Most Americans believe that your funding of the PLO is as
reasonable as putting Al Qaeda on the federal payroll.

Please end your administration's annual funding of the PLO. It alienates
your domestic supporters during a closely contested national election
which is not good politics. It also strengthens Palestinian Islamic
terrorists who are America's mortal enemies which is not good policy.

The most ethical and practical course would be to end your 200 million
dollar annual subsidy of the PLO immediately. That would not only enhance
your reelection prospects but would also enhance American security
interests. Please do it now for all our sakes.


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