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Date: Wed 1 Sep 2004
Subject: Support Israel: Arab Terror Must Stop Today!

Dear Sir:

The evil Arab-Islamic war against the World is spreading. Recent newspaper
headlines tell of attacks in Iraq Russia and Israel. The streets of New
York are filled with police in expectation of political protests and
potential terror attacks by Arab fanatics.

12 Nepalese civilians are viciously murdered by fanatics in Iraq. Two
Russian airliners are blown up with the loss of scores of innocent
civilians. The headlines of the New York Sun read ”16 are murdered as
Hamas bombers attack buses in Beersheba. Arabs take to the streets to
celebrate …” According to the Jerusalem Post Arabs celebrating in the West
Bank city of Nablus “… hailed the suicide bombers as heroes and urged
Hamas to launch more attacks … some of the demonstrators handed out sweets
to the crowd as a sign of their jubilation.”

The Arabs celebrate the deaths of Americans and Israelis.

To all this the Palestinian Arab Terror Authority is silent. They do not
stop the attacks against civilians they continue to teach hatred in their
schools and they subsidize the thugs that perpetrate the attacks. The
Palestine Arab Terror Authority has the same right to exist in the Middle
East as the Nazi fascist regimes had in Europe.

It is time for America and the world to say no to the establishment of
another evil Arab state within Israel’s borders. It is time to stop
providing support to the evil Palestine Arab Terror Authority and to stop
pandering to the continuing Arab violence in Israel America and
throughout the world.

For fifty years the world and America has stood on the sidelines watching
the growth of Arab terror. Munich Beirut Pan Am flight 103 the Achille
Lauro and more. We silently permitted the terror against Israel. The
terrorists are now on our shores. We have no longer have a choice. Terror
must stop in Israel and in America.

I urge you to end the charade of the Palestine Arab Terror Authority.

Respectfully yours




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