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Date: Fri 10 Sep 2004
Subject:Support Israel Time to Act Against Those Who Support Arab Terror?=

Dear Sir:

The World’s silence in the face of acts of terror against Israel has
resulted in attacks against American and Russian civilians. The recent
terror acts in Russia and Jakarta Indonesia are but a continuation of the
Arab-Islamic War against the West. The World’s toleration of attacks
against the civilian populations of the United States and Israel and the
glorification of such attacks especially by the Arabs has empowered the
terrorists to commit greater and greater atrocities.

In an article about the recent terror in Russia The New York Times
reports that the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has accused a
number of countries of “employing ‘double standards’ in the struggle
against terrorism by maintaining contacts with and giving shelter to
moderate leaders of the separatist movement in Chechnya.” These are the
same double standards that the Europeans and others are applying to the
terrorist attacks by the Arabs against Israel. It is time that the world
took a stand against the all terror.

The Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) a watchdog organization overseeing the
Palestine Arab Authority’s (PAA) media reports that the official
Palestine Arab daily paper granted the status of "Shahid" - Holy Martyr -
to the two suicide terrorists who recently murdered 16 Israelis civilians
in Be'er Sheva Israel.

Reaching the status of Holy Martyr "is a supreme achievement in Islamic
teaching" reports PMW "granting the Shahid the greatest rewards in the
afterlife and a place of honor in Paradise near Mohammed's Comrades and
the Prophets."

The failure to censure the glorification of these despicable acts has
brought the terror to our shores and to the shores of other countries who
fail to take a stand against Arab-Islamic terror. It is time that our
government took a consistent stand against terror. Whether the attacks are
against Americans Israelis or Russians these are acts against humanity
and must be exposed as such.

I urge you to take stronger action against those who support terror
including the so called Palestinian Arabs the Iranians Syrians and
others who have supported terror against Israel and America for decades.

Respectfully yours

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