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Date: Wed 15 Sep 2004
Subject: Shana Tova New Year greetings from VIPAC

Dear VIPAC member:

Shana tova umetuka. Let me take this opportunity to wish you and all
4000 of our VIPAC members a sweet new year. This has been a year of
tragedy and disappointment but there have been some positive achievements
as well.

Remember the Sherlock Holmes story about the significance of the dog that
didn't bark? (In case you don't it signified that the dog recognized the
person who passed by on the way to commit a murder indicating that the
criminal was likely the owner of the dog.) Thank G-d Israel has been
killing dozens of PLO terrorists in the last couple of weeks and the dogs
from the US state department have hardly uttered a peep of protest. That
is because of determined grass roots American advocacy for Israeli
security of which VIPAC letters and yours are an important part.

Also for the first time an American administration has supported the
idea that "facts on the ground" in terms of major settlement blocks in the
West Bank must be recognized by the Arabs as part of Israel in any final
agreement. That is not sufficient but it is progress and it occured
only in the context of current intense pro-Israel advocacy of which your
letters are a part.

Finally and most importantly as the days of judgement for the new year
approach by choosing not to be silent but to use all the resources
available to us in this wonderful democracy of the United States of
America we demonstrate to G-d that we are worthy of His continued
miracles. In a world where the overwhelming majority of earthly powers
would prefer to participate or acquiesce in wiping out the Jewish state
and people only Divine miracles allow Israel to continue to thrive and
prosper. By doing all we can to petition our American government to
support Israel's fight for survival against Islamic terror we demonstrate
that we are not guilty of the sin of silence in the face of evil and that
we deserve continued Heavenly blessings for ourselves our families and
all of Israel.

Keep the faith! Don't dispair! Repentance prayer and charity avert
evil decrees during these days of awe. Ongoing emails faxes and phone
calls to our leaders in Washington demonstrate repentence of the sin of
silence. They are also a form of prayer that our politicians may try to
ignore but that G-d never will. And our commitment of time and effort to
send those weekly emails are a donation of the most precious resources we
have--time and energy--to a worthy cause and therefore qualify as
meaningful acts of charity.

May all of us and all of Israel be worthy of being inscribed in the
books of life and peace for the coming year.

Best wishes to every one of our 4000 VIPAC members!
Martin Elsant VIPAC co-chair

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