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Date: Thu 6 Jan 2000
Subject: Support Israel not Arab terrorists! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Syria remains on the short list of nations that the United States formally
recognizes as sponsoring terrorism. The acts of terrorism in which the
Syrians have been implicated include many brutal acts resulting in the murder
of hundreds of American citizens. How then can you invite their leaders to
our country and treat them with so much respect? Shouldn't we instead hold
them accountable for the hundreds of American citizens who have been killed?

Besides sponsoring terrorism Syria is one of the largest heroin producers in
the world. Why do we ignore the destruction of so many American lives by the
illicit drug trade in which Syria is a major international player?

Unfortunately your administration's foreign policy seems to reflect the
rabbinic maxim that one sin facilitates the next sin. You continue to welcome
Arafat and his PLO minions to the White House despite their refusal to honor
their pledges to dismantle their terrorist infrastructure reduce their armed
forces and hand over their illegal weapons. You compound that by continuing
to look favorably upon Israel's ongoing transfer of more land to PLO control
despite the PLO's ongoing incitement and open preparations for its next war
with Israel. Welcoming representatives of Syrian terrorism and drug trade is
just a natural extension of these policies. Offering them financial and
military aid is the unfortunate end result of an increasingly misguided
foreign policy.

Please stop your support of Syrian terrorists and drug lords. Please stop
your toleration of Arafat's peace agreement violations and your disregard of
the PLO's war preparations. Instead please support Israel's Biblical
historical and security claims in Judea Samaria and the Golan Heights.


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