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Date: Wed 29 Sep 2004
Subject: Support Israel! Expel PLO killers from USA! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

The Israeli-American woman murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorists in Gaza
last week was the 52nd such U.S. victim since the signing of the Oslo
accords in 1993. Tiferet Tratner 24 a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen was
killed when Palestinian Arabs fired a rocket into the town of Neve Dekalim
on September 23 2004.

The latest murder of an American citizen came just one day after Musa
Arafat the head of PA Military Intelligence and a cousin of PA chairman
Yasir Arafat told Reuters (Sept. 22 2004) that "Palestinian security
forces know who was behind the killing of three Americans in Gaza nearly a
year ago but cannot act against the factions while fighting with Israel

Isn't it time at long last for the sake of all those Americans killed by
PLO terrorists to end your $200 million annual funding of the PLO? Isn't
it finally time to expel all PLO "diplomats" from American soil? Why do
you allow PLO killers to remain on the payroll of your administration and
on the shores of our homeland when they have proven to be America's enemy
in our fight for survival against Islamist terror?




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