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Date: Thu 21 Oct 2004
Subject: Support Israel: Confront Arab Terror At Its Source Before It Comes to Our Shores

Dear Sir:

In a letter to the editor of The New York Times on October 20 2004
Michael Rhein addressed the issues in the Middle East stating “The real
issue is the complete unwillingness by the Palestinian (Arab) leadership
to confront and disarm terrorists and to dismantle their infrastructure.
To the contrary clear support of and by the Palestinian (Arab) Authority
over the years is well documented.”

The Egyptians tolerate arms smuggling into Gaza. The Egyptian Bedouin who
admitted to selling explosives to the Taba bombers said he thought that
the explosives were for Palestinian Arab terrorists. For killing Jews it
was okay to sell explosives.

In the past the Iraqis under Sadam Hussein paid rewards to the families
of the suicide murderers. The Iranians Mullahs continue to do that today.

In northern Israel the Hezbollah under the sponsorship of Iran and Syria
have turned the Lebanese border into a danger zone.

For years the World and our country tolerated the attacks on Israel
believing that it would never happen to them and us. 9/11 changed that.
The thousands of Americans who were killed would have been alive if we had
stood up to the terror. It is to this end that our country stood up
against the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Bathists of Hussein in Iraq.

As reported in the Jerusalem Post on October 21st Arab terrorists fired
an anti-tank missile at a school bus. The same terrorists open fire with
small arms at the same bus. There were no injuries in the attack. What
about the next time?

I support our country’s continuing war against terrorist regimes and urge
you to support Israel in its war against Palestinian Arab terror. We must
confront and destroy terror in the Middle East before it comes to our

Respectfully yours




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