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Date: Fri 5 Nov 2004
Subject: Support Israel: Arab Evil Continues with Murders by 16 year old Terrorist

Dear Mr. President:

Best wishes on your success in the recent election. Your support of Israel
in your first term of office enabled that country to protect its citizens
against the continuous attacks of Arab terrorist murderers.

The recent terror murderers in Tel Aviv were perpetrated by a 16 year old
boy. Among those murdered by this Arab terrorist was Tatyana Ackerman who
is survived by her husband and 14-year-old daughter with whom she
immigrated to Israel from Irkutsk four years ago and her mother and
sister still living in Russia. Two other people were killed in the
attack. Thirteen people were wounded in the bombing.

As Steven Erlanger of The New York Times noted in his report following the
bombing Yasser Arafat "condemned" the attack - but it was later reported
that this same Arafat had authorized money for Gaza terrorists from his
sickbed only days before the lethal attack in Tel Aviv. In his report
Erlanger wrote "The attack was also condemned by Mr. Far's mother Samira
Abdullah 45 who said: 'It's immoral to send someone so young. They
should have sent an adult who understands the meaning of his deeds.'"

A Mother expressed no remorse for the deaths of innocent civilians – only
regret that it was her son who bore the immediate consequences of the act.

These are the same people who celebrated with joy the anniversary of the
Iranian takeover of the American Embassy in Tehran and the capture of
American diplomatic hostages. These are the people who gave away candy in
celebration of the deaths of Americans on 9-11. These Arabs are the same
people who would celebrate the failure of our country’s efforts at
bringing democracy to the Middle East.

I urge you to continue your Administration’s policy of allowing Israel to
protect its citizens against the terror of Hamas Hezbollah and Arafat.
Our continued support of Israel will further the cause of democracy in the
Middle East.

Respectfully yours




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