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Date: Fri 19 Nov 2004
Subject: Support Israel and the Right of Jews to Live In Gaza Judea and Samaria - It is time we listened to what the Arabs are really saying and not want we want to hear.

Dear Sir:

A recent editorial in the New York City daily newspaper Hamodia entitled
“Symbol of Hatred” discussed the legacy left behind by the arch murderer
terrorist Yasser Arafat. “Many in the West suffer from an unfortunate
patronizing habit of ignoring what the Arab world says. They are so sure
that they know what is best for the Arabs – i.e. making peace with Israel
– that when the Arabs themselves contradict them by calling for continued
terrorism and Israel’s destruction they assure us that the Arabs don’t
really mean it… when Yasser Arafat went to South Africa and called for
jihad against Israel… we had all kinds of Islamic experts telling us jihad
didn’t mean holy war…Arafat may have said “Kill the Jews” but what he
really meant was ‘Raise the literacy rate among Palestinian (Arab)

After 9/11 we Americans understand that the Arabs are conducting a holy
war - jihad - against our society. We have embarked on a war to save our
way of life from Islamic terror. We must not tolerate the lies and
propaganda that are coming from the Palestinian Arabs and others like
them. The Nazis hid behind lies the Soviets hid behind lies and millions

The Arabs claim that Israel is a racist state and the world listens. Yet
Israel has people of diverse backgrounds and religions. How many Jews live
in Jordan or Saudi Arabia? How many Jews will live in a Palestinian Arab
state if the world will allow such a state? The answer is none. Who are
the real racists the Jews or the Arabs?

The Arabs claim that Israel has denied the rights of the Palestinian Arabs
to a state of their own. Who occupied the West Bank from 1948 to 1967? Who
occupied Gaza from 1948 to 1967? Not Israel. Where were the Palestinian
Arab nationalists prior to 1967?

What the Arabs really want is the destruction of Israel not a state of
their own. And if we continue to listen to their lies and falsehoods we
will be allowing the Arabs the ability to destroy Israel and our American
way of life.

The Jews have a historical and legal right to live throughout the land of
Israel including Gaza Judea and Samaria. I urge you to continue to
support this right. The evacuation of Jewish towns and cities in Gaza
Judea and Samaria is apartheid of the highest level. We must support the
right of Jews to live throughout the Middle East.

Yasser Afarat was a master of the lie. It is time we listened to what the
Arabs are really saying and not want we want to hear.

Respectfully yours

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