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Date: Thu 25 Nov 2004
Subject: Support Israel not attacks on US Jews! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

The FBI's Hate Crimes Statistics 2003 report released on Monday
documents more than 1300 anti-Jewish incidents in 2003 making Jews the
most frequently targeted group in America. Comparably there were only 149
anti-Muslim incidents.

?In the total number of crimes under the religion category the
anti-Jewish crimes are higher than all the others? FBI spokesman Paul
Bresson told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Mr. President this is happening on your watch. I think it is a fair to
wonder if your administration's continued support for a PLO state despite
the PLO's continued violence against Israeli Jews is encouraging domestic
violence against American Jews. Your recent request that the PLO be given
another 20 million dollars--while official PLO textbooks newspapers TV
and radio broadcasts continue to be filled with anti-Semitic filth--will
certainly be welcomed by the American antisemites who produced the crimes
outlined in the recent FBI report.

Mr. President please end your support for a PLO state now. Send a
consistent message that your administration will not tolerate Islamist
violence against Jews anywhere and will reward it nowhere. Then there
will be greater reason to hope that next year's FBI hate crimes report
won't be so dismal.




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