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Date: Fri 3 Dec 2004
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Support_Israel:_No_concessions_until_Palestinian_Arab_Society_adopts_=93freedom_and_civil_society=94?=

Dear Mr. President:

I applaud the news of your acceptance of Natan Sharansky’s policy that
Palestinian Arab freedom and adoption of a civil society are a
pre-condition for any concessions by Israel. This policy follows your
belief that democracy is the tool by which terrorism can be eradicated.

The need for freedom and democratic institutions is endemic throughout the
Middle East. However the newspapers are filled with continuous reports of
Arab and Iranian incitement against democratic countries. Recent articles
in The New York Sun highlight support by Middle Eastern regimes of terror
and confrontation: “Egyptian support for killing American soldiers in
Iraq”; “Syrians train on insurgent payroll and ship out to kill coalition
troops”; and “Iran fills terror gaps left by a diminished Hamas.”

Until the Arabs and their allies make an effort to adopt the values of
“freedom and civil society” there will be no hope for peace. Your
memorable speech in 2002 calling for the Palestinian Arabs to choose
leaders “untainted by terror” has yet to be realized. The current leading
candidate for the presidency of the Palestinian Arab Authority Mahmoud
Abbas is no stranger to terror. He followed the arch terrorist Yasser
Arafat through the latter’s career: Jordan Lebanon and Tunis. He has
recently declared that he will continue in Yasser Arafat's footsteps and
will demand that Israel allow 3-4 million Arab "refugees" including their
descendants to return to Israel. The elections of the terrorist cohort of
Arafat will not bring the democratic process closer to the Palestinian
Arabs and will not bring peace to the Middle East.

Your continued support of Israel and the right of that country’s people to
live throughout Judea and Samaria and Aza as much part of the biblical
homeland of the Jewish people as Jerusalem is support of the freedom that
democratic institutions guarantee. The failure of the Arab authorities to
recognize those rights demonstrates that they yet to allow the “freedom
and civil society” needed as a precursor to peace. Until there is a change
we must continue to support Israel in the Arab war against democratic

Respectfully yours

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