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From: Martin Berkowitz
Date: Thu 13 Jan 2000
Subject: VIPAC _ Support Israel

Dear Sir:

The world looks upon the President of the United States as a guidepost of
reason and right. In the current round of negotiations between Israel and
Syria there appears to be a significant amount of reluctance on the part
of Syria to commit itself to peace. The Prime Minister of Israel on the
other hand is ready to give away the world in exchange for a peace
treaty. The risk to both Barak and the creditability of our government is
that unless the Syrians demonstrate to the Israeli public a readiness for
peace no matter what is agreed upon at Shepherdstown the Israeli
electorate will not buy into the deal.

If you have ever been to the Golan Heights in Israel and looked down upon
the valleys of Hula and Galilee you will see the vulnerability of the
entire northern part of Israel. The Israeli public must be assured that
Syria is sincere before it will chance a peace agreement that requires
its abandoning the Golan a part of biblical and modern Israel.

Barak releases terrorist prisoners in the hopes of hearing about Israeli
MIAs and Syria is silent. Barak pressures his people to accept a peace.
Syria makes no such steps. The Syrians won't even shake the hands of the

The Israelis have much more to lose than face if the "peace " with the
Syrians fail. And without concrete expressions of sincerity from Syria
they will not accept a treaty.

America and Barak stand to lose much if the peace agreement is not
accepted by the Israeli public. We must force the Syrians to make
positive concessions toward peace or else we will be the losers. Syrian
must release the Israeli MIA's provide normal relations with Israel and
convince their people that peace is in their interest. Until that happens
we will be wasting our time in Shepherdstown.

Respectfully yours

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