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Date: Fri 10 Dec 2004
Subject: Support Israel! End funds for PLO terror! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On December 8 your administration announced a $23.5 million dollar gift
given directly to the Palestinian Administration. This was in addition to
the over $200 million you give to the various front groups for the PLO
each year. This was the first direct gift from your administration to the
Palestinian Administration since August 2003 when you gave them $20

Why are you giving these Islamist terrorists more money? Are you so
satisfied with the way they spent the $20 million you gave them last year
that you wanted to do it again? Are the subsidies the PLO gives to the
families of suicide bombers acceptable to you? Are the funds paying for
the anti-Semitic filth on the PLO official radio and TV programs
tolerable? Are the dollars used by the PLO for summer camps teaching
their kids how to kill so well spent that you must give them more money to
do more of the same?

A tragic deluge of American blood and treasure is being spent now in Iraq
to eradicate the Islamist terror regime that ruled there and endangered
the world. Why are you spending more American treasure on establishing a
new Islamist terrorist state under the aegis of the Palestinian Authority
which will in time come to threaten America just as Iraq did? The
Palestinian Arabs danced in the streets on 9/11. Giving such people the
resources to do more than just dance over the murder of three thousand
Americans is a policy you should discontinue.





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