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Date: Sun 26 Dec 2004
Subject: Support Israel not PLO/Hamas terror state! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On December 24 the Associated Press reported the following from Nablus:
"The militant group Hamas made a surprisingly strong showing in local
Palestinian elections according to preliminary results obtained Friday
signaling a drop in popularity for the ruling Fatah movement before next
month's presidential poll."

Mr. President a free and fair election among the Arabs in Judea Samaria
and Gaza will produce a Hamas government as these recent municipal
elections demonstrated. The Hamas organization is on the U.S.
government's short official list of terrorist organizations making it a
crime to knowingly support Hamas. How then can you violate our country's
laws and support the growth of power for Hamas that a free and fair
election among Palestinian Arabs will produce? And how can you continue
to order American service men and women to sacrifice their lives to
dismantle Islamist terror in Iraq while you provide political and
financial support for the establishment of what will clearly be a new
Islamist terror state run by Hamas?

Please Mr. President for the sake of all the American blood and treasure
that has been spent in Iraq upon your orders and for the sake of all the
9/11 victims whose memories demand that we don't repeat the error of
appeasement of Islamist terror please end your support of a PLO/Hamas
terror state immediately.





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