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Date: Thu 30 Dec 2004
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: One Sided Concessions Will Not Bring Peace

(VIPAC) Support Israel: One Sided Concessions Will Not Bring Peace

Dear Sir:

I am deeply disturbed by your recent policy shift away from Israel toward
the Palestinian Arabs. Your Administration’s failure to move the US
Embassy from Tel Aviv to the Israeli capital of Jerusalem the projected
increase in aid to the Palestinian Arabs and the continuing pressure on
Israel to withdraw from portions of its ancestral homeland are an attempt
to court the new Palestinian leadership. That leadership has yet to take
power let alone offer a hand of peace toward Israel. Your overtures and
appeasement are premature and one-sided.

The Palestinians intent to destroy Israel has not changed. Their two faced
policy of saying one thing in English for our benefit and the opposite in
Arabic for the benefit of their constituency has not changed. There have
been no attempts to rein in Hamas and the other terror organizations.
Scores of rockets have fallen on Israeli cities both within Gaza and on
the Israeli city of S’derot since Arafat’s death. No steps have been taken
by the interim Palestinian Arab administration to stop these attacks and
worse we are not demanding from them that they stop these attacks.

Daniel Pipes the Director of the Middle East Forum and a popular
newspaper columnist recently wrote that it is false to assume that now
that the Palestinian Arabs and their apparent leader Mahmoud Abbas are
free of Arafat they are eager for reform. “But no less than his mentor
Arafat Abbas remains intent on eliminating Israel. This is evident for
example from his recent comments insisting that millions of Palestinian
“refugees” be permitted to enter Israel so as to overwhelm it
demographically; or from his keeping the virulent content of the
Palestinian (Arab) Authority’s media in place.” (“Showering Money on the
Palestinians” December 22 2004)

Concessions to the Arabs must stop now and not be offered until they take
concrete steps to make peace with Israel. Today all we have are hopes for
future of peace but unless the Arabs make serious concessions these hopes
will never come to fruition.

I urge you to support Israel and cease the one sided appeasement to the
Palestinia Arabs.

Respectfully yours




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