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Date: Thu 6 Jan 2005
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: Transfer of Funds to Palestinian Arabs Encourages and Supports Terror

Dear Mr. President:

I am quite disturbed by the recent transfer by our government of $20
million in cash to the Palestinian Authority. A statement issued this past
Tuesday said the transfer underlines "U.S. confidence in the Palestinian
Authority's reform program." I am uncertain as to what type of confidence
the Palestinian Arab Authority can inspire when it is still promoting
terror and hate.

Arab leader Abbas continues to take anti-peace stances citing his "debt"
to terrorists backtracking from previous promises to halt violence and
promising to protect armed terrorists from Israel. The acting Fatah head
is the leading candidate in the Palestinian Arab elections next week.
While some Israelis had hoped that his election will signal the dawning of
a new era in the Middle East he dashed these hopes by saying recently
that he does not intend to disarm terrorists. He later told reporters that
he intends to "protect" them from Israel.

In a scene reminiscent of the days of Yasser Arafat armed terrorists in
Gaza have hoisted Abbas on their shoulders while he repeated his
oft-stated position that Jerusalem will be the capital of a new Arab
state. "We will continue until a Palestinian boy and girl place a
Palestinian flag over the walls and minarets of Jerusalem" he told the
cheering crowds.

He has also called Israel "the Zionist enemy" a term even Arafat
refrained from using with regard to the Jewish State. Abbas made the
reference to "the Zionist enemy" during a rally in Gaza's Khan Yunis
slums from which many of the rocket and mortar-shell attacks on Jewish
communities in Gush Katif and the western Negev have emanated.

"We are praying for the souls of our martyrs who were killed... by the
shells of the Zionist enemy" Abbas told a cheering mob. Reports of the
speech's hostile tone which followed an Israeli counter-terror operation
have made international headlines.

Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom refused to accept any electoral
excuses for the likely Arab leader. "We cannot accept the argument that
Abbas' statements stem from campaigning motives" Shalom said of the Fatah

I applaud the statement of Congressman Eric Cantor:

"Mahmoud Abbas has described the state of Israel as a 'Zionist enemy' and
insisted that Palestinian refugees have the right to return. These
statements are not helpful to the peace process.

"The recent pictures of Mr. Abbas campaigning with Palestinian terrorists
are a sign that perhaps Mr. Abbas is not serious about removing the
terrorist scourge associated with Palestinian Authority.

"The only way to bring peace to Israel is to forcefully disarm these
militants and end their reign of murder and terror. What kind of
leadership can Mr. Abbas possibly provide now that he has publicly
declared that he will never take up arms against these terrorists?

"Palestinian leaders cannot refuse to take reasonable steps towards ending
terrorism and expect to secure peace in the region."

The transfer of US funds to this Arab terror leader is wrong. Until there
are concrete acts not worthless words we cannot give these evil
murderers any aid. I urge you to stop your support of Arab terrorists.
Your support will only encourage the continuing attacks against innocent
civilians throughout the Middle East.

Respectfully yours

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