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Date: Thu 13 Jan 2005
Subject: Support Israel! No White House invites for PLO terror chief!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

You extended an invitation to Mahmoud Abbas the newly elected PLO chief
terrorist to visit you in the White House. I think that was a terrible
mistake you should correct immediately. An arrest warrant for murder
rather than a diplomatic invitation is you should send to the new PLO

Mr. Abbas was the chief financier of the massacre of Israeli athletes at
the Munich Olympics. Mr. Abbas holds a Ph.D. from the University of
Moscow. The thesis for the paper he wrote for that doctorate was the
denial that the Nazi Holocaust of 6 million Jews ever took place. He has
repeatedly pledged not to punish PLO terrorists who murder Jews and he
has kept his word on this. Despite two terrorist attacks that have
occurred since his election--the first in Morag killing one Israeli and
the second at the Karni crossing killing five more--Mr. Abbas has arrested
no one.

Inviting terrorists like Abbas to the White House demeans your office and
undermines our security. Because if killers like Abbas are embraced by
your administration why should any terrorist anywhere not continue his
murderous campaign against Israelis Americans or free people anywhere?
If terrorists like Abbas can get the royal treatment from your
administration why shouldn't they eventually expect to receive the same?





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