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Date: Thu 20 Jan 2005
Subject: Support Israel: Arab Hatred of is Root of Attacks Against Israel and the Free World

Dear Mr. President:

In your inauguration address you stated: “The survival of liberty in our
land is dependent on the survival of liberty in other lands”

For decades the World has been excusing Arab attacks on Israelis and Jews.
Arab refugees were living in poverty stricken refugee camps as a result of
their displacement during the Arab-Israeli wars. The Arab war lords of
Egypt Syria Iraq and Saudi Arabia kept the Arabs in these camps and
refused to allow their integration into the mainstream Arab societies. It
was claimed that the natural result of the displacement poverty and
hopelessness these Arabs faced is terrorism and attacks against Israelis
and Jews and the rest of the Free World.

A recent Harvard University Study found that poverty is not the cause of
terrorism. The Harvard University Gazette reported that Alberto Abadie
associate professor at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government
“examined data on terrorism and variables such as wealth political
freedom geography and ethnic fractionalization for nations that have
been targets of terrorist attacks ... Before analyzing the data Abadie
believed it was a reasonable assumption that terrorism has its roots in
poverty especially since studies have linked civil war to economic
factors. However once the data was corrected for the influence of other
factors studied Abadie said he found no significant relationship between
a nation’s wealth and the level of terrorism it experiences... (New York
Sun Nov.10 2004)

An Arab journalist Khalid Amayreh from the West Bank region of Israel
wrote that it “is simply nonsense” to “claim that Islamic terrorism in
Israel as elsewhere is the product of poverty backwardness and
ignorance ... Islamic fundamentalism is not a product or by-product of
poverty. Several studies have shown that a substantial majority of
Islamists and their supporters come from the middle and upper
socio-economic strata ... The fact that city-dwellers [in Judea-Samaria]
who are generally more educated and better off economically have
consistently lent more support to Islamists refutes the widely held
assumption that Islamist popularity thrives on economic misery.”
(Jerusalem Post Feb. 21 1995)

Morton A. Klein National President of the Zionist Organization of America
(ZOA) commented: “Poverty is not the problem; hatred is the problem. An
entire generation of Palestinian Arabs has been raised to hate Jews and
Israel. Giving them American money will not solve the problem – in fact
it will have the opposite effect sending a message to them that they need
not change their ways. Like German society after World War II Palestinian
Arab society will require a lengthy and intensive period of
de-Nazification to wean them away from their hatred and violence. What
they need is years and years of education towards peace democracy and
coexistence. As long as the PA educates its people for hatred in the
official PA schools summer camps television radio newspapers
speeches and religious sermons peace will not be possible."

It is time we placed the blame for the terrorism and the hatred to where
it belongs. The continuing propaganda assault against Israel and Jews as
being the cause of all hardship must stop. Arafat stood by and proclaimed
coexistence in English but taught hatred in the Arab media and schools.
His successor Abu Mazzen has yet to take the initiative to stop these
practices. He has openly proclaimed his intention of following his evil
predecessor’s policies. He is in league with Hamas Hezbollah and Al
Queida enemies of liberty and our Republic.

The Palestinian Arabs and their leaders continue to wage a war of terror
and hate against Israel. We cannot support such a people and their
leaders. We cannot subject the Israeli people and other freedom loving
nations to the hatred and terror that is being preached under the
Palestinian Arab Authority.

I urge you to support Israel in the Arab war of terror and propaganda
against the liberty of that small nation.

Respectfully yours

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