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Date: Sat 29 Jan 2005
Subject: Support Israel not PLO terror state hurting U.S.A! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

In the recent voting by Palestinian Arabs on January 27 the terrorist
organization Hamas swept seven out of ten municipalities winning 75 of
the 118 council seats in a voter turnout that topped 85 percent in the
first-ever local elections in the Gaza Strip. These results were posted on the official PA website.

"Our people have a consensus on the choice of jihad and resistance and the
election has underscored that concept" Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masri
told reporters. He said the victory was a vindication for the group's
program of using terror to murder Jews and destroy Israel.

Unfortunately that Hamas spokesman is correct. Why then does your
administration continue to advocate statehood to people who have freely
chosen to have murderous terrorists as their political leaders? What do
you think they will do with the army navy and missile arsenal that come
with political sovereignty? It is reasonable to expect them to use these
increasingly powerful forces against not only Israel which they call "the
little Satan" but also against America which they call "the great Satan."

Your shortsighted strategy of sacrificing Israel to its Arab enemies will
only further endanger American civilians at home and American soldiers in
your war in Iraq. Please immediately end your political support for a PLO
terror state which is the only state the Palestinians want as they
clearly demonstrated in their recent elections.




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