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Date: Thu 3 Feb 2005
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: No concessions until Arabs stop their policy of incitement.

Dear Sir:

In the recent municipal elections held in the Palestinian Arab section of
Gaza the terrorist organization Hamas won two-thirds of the seats. This
has given the terrorist party a giant card toward gaining concessions from
the Palestinian Arab Authority’s ruling Fatah party. Fatah is the
purported dominant party in the Palestinian Arab Authority. During the
recent Palestinian Arab Presidential election the Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas
(Abu Mazen) was victorious. In the Gaza elections Fatah won only 26 out
of 117 seats while Hamas won 76. A significant Hamas victory was in the
Bet Hanoun area in northern Gaza where terrorists have launched dozens of
Kassam rockets against Israel.

While the Arab President might be putting forward a face of peace toward
Israel and the World his constituency is favoring the murderous policies
of the terrorist parties.

The Hamas election victory should give Israel and its allies a reason to
pause in the blind march toward making concessions to the Arabs for the
cause of peace. Unless the Arabs show a true movement toward a peaceful
coexistence with the Jewish state there should be no disengagement and no
concessions. Hamas is a leader in the targeting of civilians. The victory
of Hamas in these elections can only give Abbas encouragement to follow
through with his plan to continue the policies of the failed leader Yasir

Shoshana Bryen director of special projects for the Jewish Institute for
National Security Affairs in Washington wrote an op-ed piece in the New
York Sun (“The Oslo Mistake” February 3 2005): “For money and political
support from the West Arafat showed a reasonable accommodating face – in
English. For money political support and a measure of personal security
from the Arab states he showed his other face – in Arabic.”

The two faced policy of the Palestinian Arabs has not changed. No
concessions or disengagement will bring acceptable results unless the
Arabs stop their policy of incitement.

The Israeli Supreme Court recently upheld the right of the Israeli Defense
Forces to build a secure road from Jerusalem to Rachel’s Tomb. The
justices ruled that Jews are entitled to freedom of worship and that the
IDF is responsible for defending that freedom.

Former Member of the Knesset Chanan Porat who has long been active in
promoting Jewish worship at Rachel's Tomb said that the court’s ruling
“gives me small comfort though it will bring some benefit. It’s
elementary that Jews should have the freedom to pray without being shot
at or harmed.”

Porat added: “We await the day when there … Jews will be able to settle
there and everywhere within the entire Land of Israel. I hope that very
soon Rachel will be able to proclaim as in Jeremiah's prophecy about her
that her ‘sons are returning to their borders.’”

Until the day that the Arabs of Israel Palestine Saudi Arabia Iraq and
other places are willing to extend the hand of peace and security to
Israel and Jews in both English and Arabic there will be no peace. Until
the Arabs act in Arabic like they talk in English we must oppose the
disengagement plan.

I urge you to support Israel and the rights of Jews to live throughout
Israel Gaza Judea and Samaria.

Respectfully yours

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