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Date: Thu 10 Feb 2005
Subject: Support Israel! Demand PLO give us killers of Americans!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On October 15 2003 Palestinian terrorists detonated a powerful roadside
bomb at the Beit Hanoun junction in Gaza as a convoy of American embassy
officials were traveling by. The bomb activated by remote control and
utilizing over 75 kg. of plastic explosives murdered three US citizens:
John Branchizio 37 of Texas John Linde Jr. 30 of Missouri and Mark
Parsons 31 of New Jersey. The Palestinian Authority has refused to
arrest their fellow Arab terrorists who murdered these Americans just as
they have refused to arrest those who murdered over 50 other Americans in
the last two years.

You are rushing to give hundreds of millions of dollars to Arafat's
successor as well as train and arm his military forces. Why not at least
insist that they first arrest and extradite to the USA for trial those who
murdered the three American citizens in Gaza who under your command were
guarding American embassy officers on an official government mission?
Don't you feel responsible to the families of these terror victims here in
America to insure that the Islamist terrorists who murdered their loved
ones are brought to justice?

Maybe you feel it is too much too ask of the PLO leaders to arrest such
murderers since they are the ones who likely ordered the killing of our
fellow Americans in the first place. But then why don't you think it is
too much to ask of the American people to tolerate hundreds of millions of
their tax dollars being sent to prop up the PLO safe harbor for murderers
of their fellow American citizens?




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