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Date: Thu 17 Feb 2005
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Dear Mr. President:

I applaud your decision to withdraw the American Ambassador to Syria after
the recent murder of the former Lebanese Premier Rafik Hariri. The war
against terror must be fought against all those who support terror. The
Syrian regime has been an ardent supporter of terror throughout the region
including it support of attacks against our soldiers in Iraq. Along with
the Mullahs of Iran Syria is a firm supporter of the Hezbollah

However your plan to give 390 million dollars to the terrorist ridden
Palestinian Arab Authority is most contradictory. The Palestinian Arab
Authority is headed by Abu Mazen a former terrorist who has promised to
continue the policies of the arch terrorist Yasir Arafat. We cannot ignore
Abu Mazen's stated intention that he will not fight or extradite Hamas
terrorists but will rather integrate them into the Palestinian Arab

Abu Mazen was Arafat's chief accomplice since the 1950ís; he has shaped
the Arab's hate-education and has been in the forefront of the corruption
that has robbed millions of foreign aid dollars. In addition Abu Mazen
played a key role in hijacking planes in the 1972 Munich Olympics
Massacre in the 1972 execution of 2 US ambassadors and in the 1970 and
1976 attempts to topple the Hashemite and Lebanese regimes.

I urge you to treat Abu Mazen and his corrupt Palestinian Arab Terror
Authority as you would all other terror regimes.

Current Western policy demands that Israel abandon parts of its biblical
homeland and make them Juden Rein. The proposed abandonment of Gaza by its
Jewish residents is a reward to the policy of terror conducted against the
Jewish State for the last hundred years by the Arabs. This demand is a
continuation of the apartheid policies of Saudi Arabia and most Arab
regimes. No Jews no Christians - only Arabs and Moslems.

Terror cannot be rewarded. Not in New York not in Baghdad not in Jerusalem.

I urge you to support Israel and support the rights of Jews and peoples
all over the world to live where they choose with out the threat of

Respectfully yours




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