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Date: Fri 25 Feb 2005
Subject: Support Israel! No PLO state to lauch future 9/11's! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

This week in Europe you tried to mend political fences with our
adversaries there by working hard to advance a goal you shared with
them--the establishment of an independent state for the Palestinians who
danced in their streets to celebrate 9/11. Your precise words were: "Our
efforts are guided by a clear vision: We're determined to see two
democratic states Israel and Palestine living side by side in peace and

Those words have meaning and they mean that the people who celebrated the
murder of 3000 American on 9/11 are to be granted their own army navy
airforce tank corps missile stock pile and weapons development program
to be established "side by side" with Israel and its defense programs.
Perhaps you feel that by offering so much to the PLO terrorists you will
purchase their good will. That is clearly what the Europeans who you
courted so much this week believe.

There is a word for this belief. That word is "appeasement." Appeasement
of tyrants who first murder Jews as their prelude to a world war against
free people everywhere is an entrenched European tradition. They tried
it with Hitler in the 1930s and it brought not only great disaster but
also great dishonor to their people. They are doing it again today in
their support for a PLO state and will no doubt ultimately suffer the
same fate.

Please stop sharing this European program of disgrace and disaster. A PLO
state will only serve as a launching pad for future 9/11 attacks against
America to allow future dancing in the streets for their murderous
electorate. Defeat of Islamist terror by establishing Israeli sovereignty
from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River not appeasement in the
form of a PLO state is the way to enhance American security. Please end
immediately your support for a PLO state.




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