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Date: Fri 4 Mar 2005
Subject: VIPAC: Support Israel: Arab Formula for Peace- Hatred Bombs Shootings and Riots

Dear Mr. President:

The hope for peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors including those
living in Yehuda Shomron and Gaza is dependent on the cooperation of the
Palestinian Arab Authority of Abu Mazzen and his ability to pacify and
disband the various terrorist gangs located on Israel’s borders and within
Israel it. Recent incidents indicate that the Arab leaders are once again
saying one thing to the outside world and another to their own people.

HATRED: In late January Palestine Arab Authority Chairman Abu Mazen
toured PA Television studios instructing the director to tone down
incitement as well as programs heaping praise upon him. Just this past
Friday a sermon was aired on PA TV outlining the planned destruction of
the Jewish State. Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has translated the sermon
into English and publicized it. PMW Director Itamar Marcus explained: “The
Palestinian Authority in its Arabic messages to its people has always
denied Israel's right to exist and has often presented the peace process
as a tactic leading to Israel's destruction. This goal was repeated
Friday on the Palestinian Authority television in the official sermon.”

The sermon was delivered by senior Islamic Imam Ibrahim Mudyris. The Imam
explained that the limitation of the diplomatic process is that it can
only conquer up to Israel’s 1967 borders. He said that at a later stage
the PA will achieve its goal of bringing about the complete destruction of
Israel - the “return to the 1948 borders” and the towns of “Haifa Jaffa
Lod Ramla Natanyah [Al-Zuhour] and Tel Aviv [Tel Al-Rabia].”

BOMBS: Wednesday night the Israel Defense Forces discovered an Arab
Kassam rocket factory near the Arab settlement of Jenin. The rockets were
to be aimed at the Israeli city of Afula underscoring security experts'
fears about the impending Israeli withdrawal from the Shomron.

Security experts have warned that Israeli Prime Minister Sharon's
disengagement from the northern Shomron is likely to be even more
dangerous than that from Gaza. The Shomron area slated to come under full
Arab control is some 700 square kilometers (270 square miles)
approximately double that of the entire Gaza Strip. Israeli General
Security Service Chief Avi Dichter has said that the area will become

Arab territorial contiguity over such a large area which will connect
settlements such as Jenin Shechem and Tubas will allow the terrorists to
freely manufacture and transport Kassam rockets. As Gush Katif communities
are endangered by terrorist rockets today so will the Israeli cities Beit
She'an Afula and the Jezre'el Valley in the near future experts warn.

On Monday IDF troops intercepted a truck-bomb containing nearly half a
ton of explosives in the same region.

SHOOTING: Arab gunmen opened fire on an IDF lookout post near the Gush
Katif junction around noon on Wednesday. The junction is located in the
central region of the Gaza coastal area.

On the same day Arabs opened fire on an IDF patrol in the lower Galilee
within Israel's pre-1967 borders. The soldiers were near Kibbutz Beit
Keshet at the time of the attack. No injuries were reported.

On Tuesday IDF forces operating in Shechem came under a combination
bombing and shooting attack a short time ago. There were no injuries

The enemy gunmen detonated a roadside bomb and followed that with
automatic weapons fire on the Israeli forces. The IDF is operating in
Shechem and the vicinity in ongoing counter-terrorism operations. This
afternoon a reserve unit securing an intersection east of Shechem
captured a Fatah terrorist who planning to carry out an attack in the near

RIOTS: A resurgence of anarchy in the PA spilled over into Jerusalem today
as Fatah gang members forcibly seized the offices of the Moslem religious
trust (waqf) in the El Azariyeh neighborhood. The waqf office was raided
by some 70 gang members who are holding several waqf officials hostage.

Are these the people who are promising to make peace with Israel? Hatred
Bombs Shootings and Riots. It is time to put a stop to this false
“Peace.” Arab terror and hatred must not be rewarded with additional
concessions. The forcible removable of Jews from Gaza and portions of
Judea and Samaria is nothing less that “Apartheid.”

I urge you to support Israel and the right of Jews to live throughout
Israel and the Holy Land.

Respectfully yours

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