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Date: Thu 17 Mar 2005
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel: Amnesty for Hezbollah

Dear Mr. President:

I was quite distressed upon reading a report from the Associated Press
stating that you “left open the possibility that the militant Shiite
Muslin group Hezbollah could be part of the political mainstream in
Lebanon despite its terrorist past.”

This is an organization that has killed hundreds of Americans and has
supported terrorism in South America and other distant parts of the world.
It supports a paramilitary army that reportedly has thousands of Iranian
supplied missiles aimed at the civilian population of northern Israel.

Hezbollah Hamas Islamic Jihad and the PLO – yes even Abbas’s and
Arafat’s cohorts – are murderers and terrorists. We cannot grant those who
are members and supporters of these terror groups political rights. These
organizations are founded upon the principle that brute force and terror
can be used to dominate and conquer. They are determined to stop free
choice and the basic foundations of a democratic society. Democracy cannot
grow in an environment that tolerates and supports murder and terror.

The failure of the Arab leader Abbas to disband the Arab terror groups:
Hamas Islamic Jihad and the PLO dooms the so-called democratic process in
Gaza Judea and Samaria. Tolerating these terror groups is no different
than allowing the Taliban to remain in Afghanistan or Al Queida in

Our policy should embody the principles that organizations that support
terror cannot by definition participate in a democratic society. In the
words of Senator Charles Schumer: “Hezbollah has the blood of Americans on
its hands and it is awfully difficult to forgive them so quickly
especially when they have not denounced terrorism.”

So too the terrorists within Israel and its territories! I urge your
continued support of Israel in its war against Arab terror.

Respectfully yours

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