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Date: Fri 1 Apr 2005
Subject: Support Israel: No concessions to Arab Terror

Dear Sir:

Recent events in the West Bank Arab settlement of Ramallah have
demonstrated that the Arab Authority is unable to maintain order in the so
called autonomous areas. This week Arab gunmen attacked stores and
restaurants Ramallah. Gunmen even fired their guns at the headquarters of
Mahmoud Abbas head of the Arab Authority.

"The Palestinian Authority has taken urgent steps to re-establish
security deal with the perpetrators and protect public property" the
Arab Authority said in a statement reported in The New York Times. Mr.
Abbas called an urgent meeting to discuss the matter. The statement also
stated that "Units are deployed to prevent any new aggression."

These are the same thugs that attack innocent Jewish civilians and were
previously hailed by Abbas and his ilk as heroes. When they attack Arabs
they are now called “aggressors.”

The New York Times reported that “at least six of the gunmen were members
of Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades which is linked to Yasir Arafat's Fatah
movement. They were among a group wanted by Israel whom Mr. Arafat had
given refuge in the presidential headquarters here… They remained there
after he died…”

The New York Times also quoted Muhammad Muqbel a popular Arab politician
and a member of the Arab Council: "What happened was a scandal" he said.
"I told them 'You want to act tough go to Jerusalem!” It appears to be
acceptable to murder Jews and riot in Jerusalem but not in Ramallah. Are
these the moderates we are hoping to make peace with?

I urge you to support Israel. There can be no concessions to the Arabs
until they demonstrate in word and deed that they desire peace. No
autonomy no withdrawal no evacuation.

Respectfully yours

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