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Date: Sun 3 Apr 2005
Subject: Support Israel! Keep your promise of Israeli rule in Ma'aleh

Dear Mr. President:

On Friday March 25 your Secretary of State Condi Rice harshly criticized
Israel's plans to build 3200 housing units in the Jerusalem suburb of
Ma'aleh Adumim which is already home to over 30000 Israeli Jews. She
said these new Jewish homes in this Jerusalem suburb were "at odds with
American policy" which is a harsh barely diplomatic expression. She
then spoke dismissively and disrespectfully of Israeli justifications for
these Jewish homes next to Jerusalem. She characterized Israel's
Biblical historical and security rights to live near Jerusalem as "not
really a satisfactory response."

Yet in a letter to Prime Minister Sharon dated April 14 2004 you wrote
that a final peace deal with the Palestinian Authority would not be made
on the basis of Israel's 1967 boundaries but would reflect the "new
realities on the ground including already existing major Israeli
population centers." Ma'aleh Adumim is among the largest of these already
existing major Israeli population centers. For you to allow Secretary
Rice to condemn Jewish homes built there is to violate your pledge to
Prime Minister Sharon and to the people of Israel contained in your
letter of April 14.

Breaking pledges to the Jewish people in Israel may seem to have the
advantage of political expediency. After all there are about a billion
Moslems in the world and only about 12 million Jews. But the British
Empire made that same calculation after World War 1 and it did not work
out so well for them.

First the British promised to build a Jewish National Home on both sides
of the Jordan River in order to receive their League of Nations Mandate.
And then the British calculated that there was more profit in siding with
the Arabs and their oil than with the Jews and their National Home so
they abandoned their promises to the Jews of Israel. In the years
following this betrayal the English lost most of their Empire saw much
of London burned by the Blitz and were ultimately evicted from all of
their strategic positions in the Middle East.

Please Mr. President don't follow the folly and fate of the British.
Support loudly and clearly Israel's right to build 3200 new Jewish homes
in Ma'aleh Adumim just as you promised in your letter of April 14.
Please support Israel's Biblical historical and security rights in
Jerusalem Judea Samaria and the Golan Heights not just for Israel's
sake but for America's sake as well.





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