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Date: Fri 15 Apr 2005
Subject: Support Israel not PLO racist regime! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Israeli Minister Natan Sharansky whose recent international best-selling
on democracy you have praised has urgently sent you materials documenting
official PLO racism of the worst sort. The newest PLO history text books
used to teach the latest generation of Palestinian Arabs about the world
around them describes the notorious anti-Semitic forgeries "Protocols of
the Elders of Zion" as true. These PLO text books go so far as to present
these racist lies as the actual transcripts of the First Zionist Congress
in Basle Switzerland in 1897.

The book in question is a 10th grade History book called ?History of
Modern and Contemporary World Grade 10 (2004). The section cited by
Minister Sharansky appears on page 63 of the book which is already in use
in PA schools.

?There is no doubt that this information is demonstrative of the fact that
the Palestinian leadership is not demonstrating the necessary willingness
to end incitement and change the threatening tone between our nations?
Sharansky wrote. ?More than that there is an intensifying of the
incitement that seeks to raise the level of anti-Semitism past that which
has been present for years.?

?Real progress in the peace process is not possible while incitement
continues to be spread through text books especially when it is
intensified in the new books just introduced into the system. It is
important that our friend President Bush who in my last meeting with him
expressed particular interest in everything connected to education in the
PA receive this information."

Mr. President despite receiving this information you continue your
financial and political support for the current PLO administration and
their plans for a future PLO state. If you achieve your goal and the PLO
state is armed like every other sovereign state not only with text books
but also with an army navy air force tank corps and ballistic
missiles what do you think they will do with those resources? Do you
think the PLO racists who danced in their streets on 9/11 will use their
new military and political might to make the world safer for democracy and
safer for America?

I and millions of fellow Americans think the opposite is true. We think
that the racist PLO that prints murderous lies about Jews in their text
books; the terrorist PLO that continues to launch and laud suicide
bombers; the perfidious PLO that denies the Bible and all recorded history
in its repeated declarations that there never were any Jewish Temples in
Jerusalem is a threat to all humanity that does not deserve your
continued support. We believe you endanger America and sully your
personal honor when you continue your support for a PLO state and we urge
you for all our sakes to end that support. Instead we urge you to
support Israel's historical Biblical and security rights in Jerusalem
Judea Samaria and the Golan Heights.





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