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From: Martin Berkowitz
Date: Thu 27 Jan 2000
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel


Dear Sir:

During the period between World Wars I and II more treaties were signed
than any comparable period. Starting from the Treaty of Versailles to the
Pact between Hitler and Stalin these treaties were no more than a
stepping stone to more war.

The talks between Syria and Israel aimed at formulating a treaty between
the two nations may be one more treaty that will bring false hopes. The
one positive effect on Israel is that it is bringing many people on the
left wing into the right wing camp in opposition to the treaty. Even The
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman not known for his pro-Israel
stance has come out against Syrian President Assad. The jist of
Friedman's article was that Assad is bargaining from a position of
weakness and should be happy he gets anything from Israel and America.
With an army and an economy that are failing he should be more receptive
to peace overtures. Yet he isn't. Assad according to Friedman isn't
even trusted by the Israeli doves.

Syrian newspapers are replete with hate and vehemence against Israel.
This is not the attitude of a nation or a regime willing to make peace.

A Clinton legacy of "Peace between Israel and Syria" would be a great way
to end a Presidency. But if the "peace" is a front for the hatred that is
spewing from Syrian Egyptian and Palestinian Arab leaders and media
there will be a repeat of the "Treaties between the Wars." If so the
"legacy" will be one of shame.

Until the Arabs are ready for a real peace not the "Cold Peace" that
exists today with Egypt and Jordan there is no reason to continue the
peace charade.

I urge you to support Israel and not pressure its government to enter
into a false treaty. The legacy of our government should a true peace and
not a false peace. With Assad there can only be a false and dangerous

Respectfully yours

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