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Date: Wed April 20 2005 10:43 pm
Subject: Support Israel! No racist expulsion of Gaza's Jews!(VIPAC) From:

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Subject: Support Israel! No racist expulsion of Gaza's Jews!(VIPAC) From:
Date: Wed April 20 2005 10:43 pm

Dear Sir:

I am greatly distressed at your support of the Arab policy of apartheid
against the Jews. The forced evacuation of Jews from Gaza Judea and
Samaria brings to mind the Nazi "Judenrein" policy of World War II. In
more recent times the world was aghast at the White South African policy
of separation of the races. What a shock for today we are promoting the
exclusion of Jews from their homeland.

There are no Jews in Saudi Arabia; no Jews in Jordan; one Jew in
Afghanistan. These countries are supposedly our allies. They are not
presently at war with Israel. Yet these countries and many other Moslem
countries have long standing discriminatory policies against the Jewish
people. Are these policies any better than that of the former White
Supremacist Republic of South Africa? Better than the Nazis?

And now your Administration our country is tolerating and promoting the
exclusion of Jews from their ancestral homeland. No Jews in Gaza. No Jews
in Judea and Samaria. No Jews in the suburbs of the Holy City of

Israel was created by the Jews as a refuge from an intolerant world. Not
to the exclusion of others. There are many different peoples within
Israel?s boundaries: Arabs Africans; Christians Moslems and others.

The Jews of Gaza and Judea and Samaria are determined to stay in the lands
of their forefathers. It is sad that you support the Arab policy of

The Jews have been pushed from country to country since the destruction of
the Second Commonwealth in 70 C.E. Within the last two hundred years there
has been a mass emigration of Jews from throughout the world to Israel.
Many came out of love but many others came because theirs former countries
were intolerant of their way of life.

As a result of this Jewish immigration there was a renewal of a land that
had been barren and desolate under the occupation of others for two
millennia. The Jews returned to Israel en masse looking for a secure a way
of life and for the love of their land.

During World War II as the Nazi General Rommel and his armies were
banging on the gates of Cairo the British authorities in Palestine as
Israel was known in those days were preparing to evacuate. They offered
to take with them a few of the most notable Jews who were most likely to
be targeted by the evil Nazis. One of the leading Hassidic Rabbis of those
times The Rabbi of Gur was offered a place on the British ships. To the
disbelief of the British The Rabbi by far not a political "Zionist"
replied "One doesn't run from Home."

The Jews who live in Israel and Gaza and Judea and Samaria are "Home." It
is immoral to ask them to leave their homes and create a new Arab
apartheid state.

Respectfully yours




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