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Date: Thu April 28 2005 9:43 pm
Subject: VIPAC: Support Israel: End Arab Terror Against Israel

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Subject: VIPAC: Support Israel: End Arab Terror Against Israel
Date: Thu April 28 2005 9:43 pm

Dear Sir:

I am bewildered at your Administration’s policy of appeasement toward
Mohamed Abbas his Palestine Arab Authority and the Arab terrorists. The
policy is aimed at rewarding the Arabs whether or not they make peace with

This week there were rocket attacks against Jewish towns in Gaza on a
daily basis. A soldier was wounded during a rocket attack that was aimed
against a large and peaceful democratic protest gathering of Jews in the
town of Neve Dekalim. An Israeli soldier was run over and killed at a
checkpoint by an Arab driver who tried to flee the scene. These are not
actions of an Authority that is seeking peaceful coexistence with Israel.

Abbas is not taking guns away from the terrorists. Abbas has not put a
halt to the anti-Semitic hate materials being broadcast over Arab radio
and television. Abbas has not reformed the Arab education system by
removing books and other malicious “educational materials” that are
inciting hate. These are not policies of an Authority seeking peace with

Creating an apartheid Arab state with Israel’s borders is not “progress”
toward peace. Disarming terrorists removing hate materials from the
schools allowing Jews to live throughout their biblical homeland are the
appropriate policies of an Authority with peaceful intentions. Creating
another Jordan Egypt Syria or Lebanon is not what we should be striving
for. Creating a Middle East where all will be allowed to live in peace
security and equality should be our goal.

I urge you to pursue a policy of creating a democratic country open to all
who desire to live in peace. Where neighbors respect each other and all
citizens are given equal opportunity. Funny but there already is a country
like that. It’s called Israel.

Respectfully yours




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