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Date: Fri 6 May 2005
Subject: Support Israel! Destroy PLO before PLO destroys US! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

The PLO Authority which you have provided over 1 billion dollars in aid
during your administration has repeatedly and publicly vowed not to lift
a finger against the murderers they nurture. They have kept their word.

Shafik Aadel Mustafa A-Aani the terrorist ringleader of the suicide
bombing of the Stage Cafe on Feb. 25 was recently released by the PLO
Authority who then went on to kill a 20 year old Israeli this week. Also
this week Arab terrorists carrying a Kassam rocket in the back seat of
their car in Gaza were initially arrested and then released this by the
PLO leaving them free to launch their next terror attack (Reuters May 3:
"Palestinian Interior Ministry spokesman Toufiq Abu Khoussa said the three
were in a car en route to fire rockets and were let go on Tuesday
following intervention by an Egyptian official in Gaza".) Also this week
the Arab terrorist murderer of Minister Ze'evi was officially permitted by
the PLO Authority to run for high political office in their upcoming
elections (YNET news May 1: Ahmed Saadat jailed in Jericho for role in
murder of late Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi says candidacy will
underscore "right of prisoners to stand for office")

Mr. President in this troubled world with the USA facing increasingly
dangerous threats from many quarters including the growing nuclear threat
from North Korea and Iran it is both wrong and foolish to abandon our
Israeli friends and to subsidize our Arab enemies.

The PLO has not stopped their efforts to participate in the international
Arab terror campaign of which America's suffering on 9/11 was a part. It
is therefore long past time for you to end your financial and political
support for the PLO Authority. Instead please support Israel's moral
historical strategic and Biblical rights for full sovereignty in Judea
Samaria Jerusalem the Golan Heights and Gaza. That way the development
of another Arab terrorist state that will threaten America will be




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