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Date: Thu 12 May 2005
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: US Must Cease Support of Apartheid Against

Dear Sir:

I am deeply disturbed by certain aspects of your Middle East Policy
specifically your support of apartheid regimes in Saudi Arabia Jordan and
Egypt and in the areas proposed to be part of the autonomous Palestinian
Arab Authority. The exclusion of Jews from their historical homeland in
the areas proposed to be set aside for the autonomous Arab Authority is a
policy no less vile and exclusionary than those of the former White
Supremacist regime of South Africa.

As stated in an editorial in The New York Sun Wednesday May 11 2005: …
if Israel is indeed a vital friend and ally it should be able to build
houses for its citizens on land to which it has strong historic legal
strategic moral and religious claim.”

Would we prohibit Native Americans from living in New York Africans from
living in Montana or Chinese from living in Maine? Why can’t Jews live in
Gaza? Arabs live in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. What happened to the Jews of
Cairo? How many Jews remain in Iran and Iraq? After thousands of years of
living among Moslems the Jews have been banished from their homelands. How
can your administration support the banishment of Jews from Gaza? Will Tel
Aviv and Jerusalem be the next targets to be made Judenrein?

The New York Times on May 12 2005 published a statement made by the
Israeli Defense minister Shaul Mofaz: "After we evacuate the settlers" he
said "we would have to maintain military forces security guards and
forces to destroy the houses in the middle of enemy territory…" Enemy
territory free from Jews! Is this our idea of Democracy in the Middle
East? Freedom to live in peace and security behind ghetto walls is not

We just celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of the defeat of Nazism. Yet
your administration is supporting regimes whose policies are amazingly
similar to the supremacist philosophies of Hitler and his vile henchmen.
I urge you to support a Middle East where all peoples can live where they
want in peace and security.

Respectfully yours

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