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Date: Wed 18 May 2005
Subject: Support Israel! End US subsidy of PLO racism! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

You have scheduled a meeting in the coming days with Muhammad Abbas head
of the PLO. You have given his organization over one billion dollars
since you first became president. This meeting would be an opportune time
for you to express your displeasure with the PLO's abuse of the massive
funding you've given them over the last 4 1/2 years.

Just this past Friday May 13 official Palestinian television broadcast a
hate filled "sermon" by Sheikh Mudeiris who is a noted supporter of Osama
Bin-Laden's Al-Qaeda. "Israel is a cancer among the Islamic peoples" the
sheikh shouted over the airwaves paid for by U.S. tax dollars provided by
your administration.

Sheikh Mudeiris continued his rant with the following venomous words which
were also broadcast on the official PLO airwaves bought and paid for by
your administration: "All you have to do is read history. Ask the British
what they did with their Jews. In the sixth century according to the
Christian calendar they were thrown out for 300 years. Ask the French
what they did with their Jews. Ask the French. They burned their Talmud
because of the dissension they [the Jews] stirred there. Ask Portugal
what it did with the Jews. Ask Tsarist Russia what it did with its Jews
who were conspiring to kill the Tsar."

And then Mudeiris finished that rhetorical flurry with a particularly
disgusting racial slur:
"And don't ask Germany what it did with the Jews. Because it was the Jews
who brought Nazism which led to the destruction of the entire world."

After your administration has given more than 1 billion dollars to the PLO
over the last 4 1/2 years this is what your aid has purchased. When you
meet with Mr. Abbas in the coming days I hope you express America's
disgust with his misuse of US funds to peddle his ugly hatreds in his
official media. You should do so privately and publicly and
unequivocally otherwise your administration becomes complicit in his
vicious bigotry.




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