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Date: Thu 26 May 2005
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: Rewarding Terror Will Not Lead to Peace

Dear Mr. President

On Tuesday May 23 2005 the Israeli Defense Forces arrested a teenage
boy trying to smuggle a bomb into Israel. This was the 52nd Arab teenager
apprehended this year with a bomb. In addition rockets were fired into
Israeli towns and Arab terrorists opened fire at Israeli soldiers in the
northern Shomron. I am quite confused by the “ceasefire” that the Arabs
are “maintaining” in Israel.

The “New” Palestine Arab Authority has continued the aggression of the
“Old” Arafat regime. Arab terrorists have not been disarmed but
incorporated in the “Security” forces. Shoulder fired missiles have been
smuggled from Egypt to be used in attacks against civilian aircraft.
Political speeches the Arabic press textbooks posters and religious
sermons remain rabidly anti-Semitic anti-Israel and anti-American.

If we really think that the second Intifada which should be called
“Clinton’s War” is over we are fooling ourselves. If Israel is foolish
enough to leave Gaza in the sole hands of the Arabs Hamas Islamic Jihad
and the PLO will be able to establish a secure base from which they can
attack Israeli and American civilians. The world’s terror organizations
will have a base ala Afghanistan Iran and Syria from which to attack.

The American and Israeli governments must realize that the Arabs will
perceive the forced withdrawal of Jewish civilians as a victory. We must
remember that the Arabs looked upon the Taba negotiations as a victory.
Those negotiations ended with the Clinton War. Will this withdrawal result
in the Bush-Sharon War?

There can be no compromise with terror. I urge you to stop the force
evacuation of Jews from Gaza and other parts of their historical homeland
and the rewarding of Arab Terror.

Respectfully yours




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