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Date: Mon 30 May 2005
Subject: Support Israel not PLO terror attacks! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On May 26 in the Rose Garden with Muhammad Abbas--the financier of the
massacre at the Munich Olympics--at your side you said the following:
"The United States and the international community applaud your rejection
of terrorism." Since Abbas' verbal rejection of terrorism is a thinly
veiled sham I find it a poor reflection on you and your administration
that you applaud it.

If Abbas were truly rejecting terrorism rockets aimed at Israelis would
not continue to be fired from the region he controls in Gaza. If Abbas
were truly rejecting terrorism there would not be a continuous flow of
suicide bombers caught by Israel at the checkpoints they've established in
their security barrier. If Abbas were truly rejecting terrorism he would
not explicitly promise an open return to a public campaign of terror if he
is asked to compromise on any of his demands. If Abbas were truly
rejecting terrorism his official media would not continue their
bloodthirsty anti Semitic propaganda.

Since Feb. 8 when the PLO declared a "truce" dozens of rockets have been
fired by the PLO at Israelis and dozens of PLO suicide bombers have been
caught by Israelis. According to the NY Times of May 28 "In the last two
months there have been 15 attempts by Palestinians under the age of 18
either to detonate explosives at Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank or
to smuggle explosives through them." That same news report by Steven
Erlanger mentions that the day after you praised Abbas for rejecting
terror "Israeli troops on Friday arrested three Palestinians who were
trying to smuggle explosives through checkpoints....Thair Abu Assap 20
was carrying four pipe bombs with 4.4 pounds of explosives and two
batteries fashioned into an explosive belt of the kind typically used by
suicide bombers...earlier Friday two Palestinian men also 20 years old
were arrested at the Qalandiya checkpoint north of Jerusalem when they
tried to leave Ramallah carrying three Molotov cocktails."

That same NY Times report mentions that just two days before you praised
Abbas for his stance against terror "the army arrested a 15 year old
Palestinian at the Hawara checkpoint south of Nablus after he was
discovered to be carrying two pipe bombs in an explosive belt. The boy
was acting for a militant group affiliated with Al Fatah" which just
happens to be the group Abbas leads.

Abbas' words against terror are a cruel farce. Your applause of his
terrorist hoax will certainly endear you to the PLO and to the insurgents
in Iraq who are murdering our troops. But applauding Abbas' phony war on
terror will only make the real war on terror that much more dangerous and
that much more costly to win. That will not endear you to the majority of
the American electorate who supported your reelection and I urge you to
end your campaign for a PLO terror state.





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