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Date: Thu 9 Jun 2005
Subject: VIPAC

Dear Mr. President:

This week’s news from Israel includes the murder of three innocent workers
and the wounding of others in the Jewish town of Ganei Tal and the city of
Sedereot. At least 16 mortar shells and rockets were fired at Jewish towns
and cities in southwest Israel. The murders and the malicious attacks were
perpetrated by Arabs in complete disregard of what is left of the

On the Temple Mount Arabs worshipping at a mosque threw stones at Jewish
worshippers in a plaza below the Mount. One observer stated that the stone
throwers were encouraged by the Moslem cleric leading the service and that
the stone throwing appeared a part of the Arab religious observance.

In the face of these attacks the Israeli Army has been ordered not to fire
back not to protect its citizens. The Chief of Staff of the Israeli
Defense Forces was quoted as saying that the attacks prove the inability
of the Palestine Arab Authority to combat terrorism. The Israeli Defense
Minister warned that “there is a limit” to Israel’s patience.

The continuation of these attacks proves the futility of giving respite to
the Arab terrorists and their supporters by continuing a “one-sided”
ceasefire. The failure of the Palestinian Arab Authority to stop these
attacks demonstrates their inability to police their own people.

Your continuing support of the Palestinian Arabs in the face of their
continuing war against the Jews is a grave disappointment. How can you
demand that the Israelis maintain a ceasefire in the face of these attacks
against Israeli citizens? Israel must be allowed to protect its citizens
and its soldiers.

Just imagine some General ordering American troops to refrain from firing
at Iraqi terrorists in an effort to convince them to “make peace.” How
many American soldiers would be killed because of the folly of such an
order? In comparison how can we not support an Israeli defensive efforts
against Arab terrorists?

I urge you to support Israel. The Israeli Defense Forces must be allowed
and encouraged to take to the offensive in order to defend its citizens.
Just as our troops are doing in Iraq.

Respectfully yours.




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