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Date: Thu 16 Jun 2005
Subject: Support Israel! Destroy Islamist homicide bombers! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Recently Islamist suicide/homicide bombers have been murdering our
soldiers in Iraq at an accelerated pace. Ever since the day you stood in
the White House with the PLO terror chief Muhammad Abbas at your side and
spoke words of praise for him the rate of the murder of American soldiers
in Iraq has accelerated. This has been no coincidence.

The Iraqi Islamists were watching as you heaped praises and political
promises upon the murderous head of Muhammad Abbas. They learned that
even as his PLO continues to send children on suicide missions to kill
"infidels" you will continue to pay him honor and homage. Therefore they
accelerated their own suicide campaign against our troops in Iraq
expecting to earn political prizes from you the same way the PLO has done.

The point Mr. President is that selling out Israel to the murderous
Islamist fascists of the PLO is not only immoral in and of itself; it is
also deadly for our troops in Iraq. Please for the sake of our brave men
and women serving our country in Iraq and for the dignity of the office
you hold end your support for a PLO state. Instead support Israeli
sovereignty in the entire historical and Biblical homeland of the Jewish





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