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From: Martin Berkowitz
Date: Fri 28 Jan 2000
Subject: VIPAC - A Message To Our Members


Dear Chaverim:

The past few months have seen a series of threats to Israel from many
different fronts. It is our obligation to do what ever we can to impress
upon our leaders that Israel is in danger. We congratulate all of you who
make the effort to send e-mail and letters in support of Israel. It is
but a small and easy way of helping our beloved land.

We appreciate your comments and letters. They have given us encouragement
and ideas. We ask that you continue to send us your thoughts and ideas.

>From a small group we have increased to over 400 members. Please tell
your friends about us. They can join from the web site or by
sending an e-mail "

Together we make a very powerful voice.

Belated wishes for a Chag Tu B'Shevat Sameach

Marty and Moish
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